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Engine Repair

ASE Certified Automotive Technicians are capable of servicing any vehicle, foreign or domestic

Wheel Alignment

The most common symptoms that your vehicle needs an alignment are pulling to the side, a steering wheel that’s askew, and premature or uneven tire wear.

Fluid Exchanges

Extend the life of your vehicle by following the maintenance schedule for fluid servicings.

Why is Maintenance Important?

Car maintenance is usually not one of our favourite activities in life.

Most of the time, when using our vehicles, we take for granted that they are in a proper driving condition and sometimes can forget the importance of keeping them well maintained. Vehicles require general and routine maintenance over time and emergency repairs may be needed if you have an accident or if something goes wrong when you're driving. General car maintenance can help to prevent the latter by ensuring that your car is in optimal driving condition at all times. A well maintained car may also mean you're less likely to claim on your car insurance, potentially resulting in lower premiums over time.

Key Factors for longer lasting vehicles with better fuel economy:

  • Keep Tires Properly Inflated
  • Replacing a Clogged Air Filter
  • Keep Your Engine Properly Tuned
  • Use the Recommended Grade of Motor Oil

Car Care

Front End

We have quality replacement parts (ball joints, rack & pinion, tie-rod ends, idler arms, center links, constant-velocity joint bearings (CVJ), CVJ dust boots and half-shafts) and expert technicians to install them properly.


Your safety depends on brakes that work properly. Regular inspections and maintenance are essential for all brake system components, including the brake pedal, cylinders, brake lines and fluid, calipers, rotors or drums, and disc pads or shoes.

Flushing Fluids

Extend the life of your vehicle. Our lubrication and fluid services include:
Radiator Flush & Fill, Fluid Replacement, Transmission, Power Steering, Brake System, Oil Change, Fuel System Cleaner, Throttle Body & Combustion Chamber Decarbonizing

Exhaust Systems/ Mufflers

However, your muffler, exhaust pipe and catalytic converter are still vulnerable to corrosion and damage. After all, they’re under your car.